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¬†And here is, for the month of May, the third letter on the sublime. How the world has changed in no more than 30 years since the previous letter! I must warn readers, this letter introduces an awkward direction for the idea of the sublime, away from wilderness and landscape romance. Into the realm of […]

This month, you can read the second letter on the sublime. You will notice it still bears the familiar voice of a romantic type of sublime. Although, the tone and urgency of the idea of the sublime is changing. By the third letter (next month), the tipping point will have passed and the idea of […]

The Plant Hunters Adventures Among the Himalaya Mountains All landscape architects, somehow, have to handle an implicit tendency for grandeur madness.   After a short break, I have now returned for some monthly blogging. My current sabbatical has made me more conscious about more than one essential aspect of life, foremost about being sociable. […]

This week, from October 17 to 25 at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven with the theme: What if…. There is an exhibition by a group of designers that have been commissioned by the National Department of Waterways and Public Works organised by Atelier Tussenruimte. Their work focusses on a specific Oaktree (the Anneville Oak), […]

  For all my Dutch colleagues, guests and friends, (it is an audio story that I have written, only in Dutch unfortunately) Dit kwam ik tegen tijdens het opruimen van mijn spullen: Een hoorspel dat ik heb mogen maken als onderdeel van het boek ‘Regionale Identiteit, kunst en ruimtelijke planvorming’ uitgegeven voor Nai en SKOR […]

It is with great honor that I may announce, that I am invited as one of the speakers at the opening of the academic year at Wageningen University, Monday September 7, 2015. 14:30. You are welcome to hear our thoughts about the coming year. We cannot imagine progress and wellbeing anymore without technology and objects […]

Teaching young people how to design a landscape is more an initiation than making them jump the hoops filled with tricks and skills. At times, it even feels like this initiation has much in common with a religious practice. Perhaps this is even more the case in the Netherlands, since creating land, sharing land ownership […]