about the author

Paul A. Roncken (NL, 1972) is a landscape architect, scientist, teacher and design critic. He graduated at the Wageningen University (BSc 1992, MSc 1996, PhD 2018). He is the managing director of the NatureCollege Foundation (here), holds a part-time position as the independent advisor for spatial quality for the province of Utrecht (2016-2023, click here) and has been assistant professor in the Chairgroup of landscape architecture from 2002 to 2023.

For his early work he was twice rewarded a grant from the Fonds BKVB Amsterdam (1999-2001) and his involvement in teaching let to multiple teacher awards. As a designer he is a networker to develop public art projects related to landscape experiences, such as the ‘road of the future (Oss, N329, 2010), ‘Thousand Year Forest’ (Sint-Oedenrode, 2019) and ‘Swipocratie’ (Soul Creatives, 2018, here). He has been the vice-chairman of the Dutch network for landscape research (WLO 2014-2017) and chair-member of the Archiprix (International) board (since 2004). As scientist he has specialised in aesthetic theory, design education and the design of living systems. In 2012 he founded the ‘landscape machine – serious landscaping laboratory’ for collaborative design research with MSc students and adjacent scientists and artists. He is author of numerous articles and book chapters and invited speaker for academic, political and practice related events (click here).