Paul Roncken

ideas on landscape

save the date public defence 2018 March 14 16:00 Aula Wageningen, the Netherlands Historically, the idea of the sublime is often associated with grand and astounding natural scenery. This thesis investigates a twenty-first century idea of the sublime that includes dissonant phenomena such as extreme weather conditions due to climate change. The subject of the […]

density map of the invisible city at a new harbour mouth; Ellie Helliwell Here is a web-log to the summerschool in New Zealand that was created by students and supervised by me, Mick Abbott, Tenille Pickett and Woody Lee And this is an abstract of the content: Landscape architecture has a speculative role in […]

Due to my position as a political advisor for the next two years (already one has past), I will mainly write in the Dutch language by means of newsletters (mailchimp). I will share all newsletters here, by means of a link. Once my advisory position is available for another person in 2019, I will start […]