Axiom of Abundance

Lost Landscapes, book by LOLA landscape architects
Lost Landscapes, book by LOLA landscape architects

Just a small announcement this month because it is hectic. As every year at this time of the year, all seems to be caught up in a run towards some kind of ending. The end of the year and to many a professional therefore an axiom of stress. Axiom… I like the word axiom. It sounds classic, serious and futuristic at the same time. I had to look up the exact meaning: a statement that is regarded as being accepted, or self-evidently true. Which is very applicable to this hectic last two months of 2013. A self-evident and accepted hectic time.

Still, being a landscape designer, I have got a style advice for myself and others. It is a time of abundance as well as stress. If you feel urged forward beyond your own will, then the ecology of the situation is that there are simply too many charms around that seek your involvement. You have entered a portal landscape that has warped you to a place where other rules for time and space apply.  You can use the alternative rules to slow down time, to do more then normal in less time, to skip time for a while (and notice that alle rushes onward to the designated place, even without you)… and so forth. This advice is an aesthetic advice. An aesthetic style advice on experience.

Next year, my research on the sublime will be completed and published in a book on such ‘shades of sublime’. I hope to provide you with more aesthetic style advices on experience by then. For now, I will continue warping my time by this extra small post and enjoy the abundance of all that needs my involvement. Yours, Paul.

PS some former students of mine have won a great price and made a book to celebrate it. Check it out here at LOLA landscape architects.

And here is the bookchapter that I wrote: book chapter