Opening academic year Wageningen University


It is with great honor that I may announce, that I am invited as one of the speakers at the opening of the academic year at Wageningen University, Monday September 7, 2015. 14:30. You are welcome to hear our thoughts about the coming year.

We cannot imagine progress and wellbeing anymore without technology and objects designed
and made by humans. A fascinating new category of design is emerging, combining engineering
with ecology, biology, genetics and chemistry and insights from the social sciences.
We have invited innovative designer and artist Daan Roosegaarde to show us how his work
can inspire Wageningen UR (and vice versa!) to explore the potential of nature to improve
the quality of life. We hope that you will join us to experience his disruptive thinking at the
opening of the Academic Year 2015 on 7 September in our building Orion on the Campus.

14.30 Welcoming reception and registration

15.30 Disruptive thinking
Prof. dr ir Louise O. Fresco
Daan Roosegaarde, Creative director of the social design lab Studio Roosegaarde
Response by three Wageningen UR scientists
Mansholt-Business Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Official opening of the Academic Year by prof. dr ir Arthur P. J. Mol

17.00 Reception

Orion, Bronland 1, 6708 WH Wageningen

4 thoughts on “Opening academic year Wageningen University

  1. Hoi Paul, Ik ben heel benieuwd naar je verhaal, maar zit die ochtend in Flevoland, dus wordt het lastig om er op tijd te zijn. Hou jij je verhaal precies om 14.30 uur of zijn er meer sprekers die jou voor gaan?

    Wanneer is je presentatie van je PhD? is dat ook openbaar?

    met vriendelijke groet, Paul de Kort Beeldend Kunstenaar 030 8783058 06 20031538

  2. About every 15-20 years, I encounter design and art speak that forces me to turn myself inside out…and even then I do not understand what is being said. But I am all for art and landscape and plants as part of an accessible urban public realm.

    All the best in the new school year!

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About paulroncken

Paul Roncken is Assistent Professor Landscape Architecture at Wageningen University and Independent Advisor on Spatial Quality for the province of Utrecht (the Netherlands). His research focuses on integral design of productive landscapes with special attention to the experience of meaning and landscape aesthetics.